Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Glass House


Directed by

Daniel Sackheim


Leelee Sobieski
Diane Lane
Stellan Skarsgard

"Trust can be as transparent as glass."

After the sudden death of their parents in a car accident, 16-year-old Ruby Baker(Leelee Sobieski) and her 11-year-old brother Rhett(Trevor Margan) are sent to live with Terry(Stellan Skarsgard) and Erin Glass(Diane Lane), old family friends of the parents, in their posh Malibu house. But Ruby soon learns that her new foster parents are not all as they seem to be when Ruby and an unsuspecting Rhett are drawn by Terry and Erin into a deadly game of deception and mind games apparently stemming from Terry's shady business dealings in which he sets sights on Ruby and Rhett's $4 million trust fund.

The house is bulit with big glasses, transparent glass, the surface of house is opened. So, that's why this movie named 'the glass house', I thought like that when I saw the DVD case. It was true and also the new father's name as well. It's pretty funny name I thouhgt.

This movie tell us careless of people whose are close to me. Yes, sometimes criminals exist around us, colud be neighbours. But....Of course, we have to trust people whose I have known. Anyway....

"Be Careful Who You Trust"

Friday, September 08, 2006



Directed by

Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson

One male supermodel named Zoolander(Ben Stiller) has dominated for three years but he is on his way down winning "the male model of the year" On the night of the VH1 Fashion Awards, he was expected to win so he went up to stage but the winner was not him, the trophy goes to an upstart model named Hansel (Owen Wilson). Adding to the insult, a story in Time magazine brands him an idiot. When he is beaten by the hot newcomer Hansel, Derek starts searching for a new meaning in his life. What nobody suspected is that Mugatu plans to assassinate the new Malaysian Prime Minister on his visit to New York, Mugatu advised Zoolander to be his model of his fashion show. By brainwashing Zoolander, he created Zoolander willing to kill the new Malaysian Prime Minister.

Have you seen Meet the Parents (2000) or Shanghai Knights (2003)? Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are remarkable comedy actors in our comic genre of movie industry. Have you seen Startsck&Hutch (2004) ? This movie also show that two actors' good teamwork. Even the movie is meaningless and so silly, it give us smile and give us to take a rest of my stressful brain.

Unless you can laugh while you are wathing it, that's good!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Corpse Bride


Directed by

Tim Burton

Mike Johnson


Johnny Depp - Victor Van Dort (voice)

Helena Bonham Carter - Corpse Bride (voice)

Emily Watson - Victoria Everglot (voice)

A man named Victor (Johnny Depp) is to marry a woman named Victoria (Emily Watson) but he messed up his vows during a wedding rehearsal, and is traveling through the woods, reciting his vows. He stops to rest in the woods,and while practicing, he gets them right and puts his wedding ring on a weird looking finger-shaped stick in the ground and says his wedding vows. The stick turns out to be a rotted finger belonging to a murdered girl (Helena Bonham-Carter), who returns as a zombie and insists that she is now Victor's lawfully wedded wife.

This animation is sort of musical genre, partly. Also this kind of animation is called 'Stop Motion Animation', very difficult to work through. It needs lots of time to do because they shoot one by one motions of characters so if you work for 12 hours to produce this animation you can only done 1 0r 2 seconds. This is very hard work but quite interesting I think.

I would like to produce an animation if I have ability to do, that is why I am studying about these now.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sin City


Directed by
Frank Miller
Robert Rodriguez

Jassica Alba
Bruce Willis

'Sin City' is a very violent dead city and the sourses of stories about criminal and sexy dames.
The film incorporates storylines from four tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller's popular comics, including 'Sin City,' which launched the long-running, critically acclaimed series, as well as 'That Yellow Bastard' and 'The Big Fat Kill.' Where Hartigan, a cop with a bum ticker and a vow to protect stripper Nancy (Jessica Alba).

During the watching this, I thought "What is it!, What a horrible movie" . For example, one of very violent scene was that Marv (Mickey Rourke), who is seeking the murderer of a beautiful woman who was killed while asleep in bed with him, found the suspect and then cut his under chest and then let dog eat the body which is still alive. A lot more violent scenes like that come out the screen so the screen color has dominated by black and little color. Otherwise it was full color, just we can see blood all the time and this movie makes us sick of our brutal nature because it is full of inhumanity.

On the other hand, the whole stroyline was quite good. I thought the end of movie because first time I was thinking, just all different stories which are about criminal enumerated or not. But the whole story and all characters are connected finally the man from first crime scene appears the last scene. Thus, I can see the story will continue.

Suddenly I realised, I am quite cold person so I was and I am now alright after watch like that movie but if you think, you have weak heart, I do not recommend. haha

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Directed by
Scott Derrickson

Laura Linney
Tom Wilkinson
Campell Scott
Jennifer Carpenter

This movie, 'the exorcism of Emily Rose' is base on true story and court room drama. Recently I watch some real story movie, the last week 'Ned Kelly' was also based on real story. Think about it.. How many times and how many events are happening around world. Even now, some horrible events would be happened next to you, probably.

Emily (Jennifer Carpenter) was only 19, samrt and very ambitious a young girl. Beside, she was sick so had drugs but one day she dies under the care of her parish priest (Tom Wilkinson) and he goes on trial for her death. He is represented by a career-minded and driven lawyer (Laura Linney) who does not believe in God. Thus is the story of Emily Rose, told by those in the trial and the priest who watched her through her possession.The fact that it's based on the demonic possession movie. The lawyer doesn't believe in God but she started to find out evidences from demotics and she got the potencail evidences but the juries and people do not believe her. And they still think the parish priest is gulity. If you like the story, watch it !!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ned Kelly


Directed by Gregor Jordan

Cast Heath Ledger
Orlando Bloom

This story is based on true story about bushgangs in Australia. Ned Kelly(Heath Ledger) lived in north-western Victoria, where he live all his life. When he was young, he was a hero after he rescued a man who were drown. One day after he was grown up, he found a horse when was in the bush but the police officer arrested him as a thief and he spend his some time in jail. After he come out of jail, he had bad relationship with police officers. In addition, a police officer was bothering Ned's sister, so his another brother Dan threatened the police officer. But the man lied to thier buddy that Ned Kelly shot him to make them angry thus the war was begun. Ned Kelly, his brother Dan, and two other men, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne(Orlando Bloom), formed a gang. The Police officers arrested Ned's mother instead of him and then the Ned gang killed 3 police officers. The repetition of pursuit battle is quite tensive and cruel when I realised this story was real. On the other hand, in this movie we can hear Australian voice such as meself, da, ma and ya.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tears of the Sun


Directed by
Antonine Fuqua

Bruce Willis - Lieutenant
Monica Bellucci - Dr. Lena

The director of this movie is from the "Training Day"
That's why I choose this movie for today.
The background of the film is a war which was the democratic government of Nigeria collapses in Africa. The navy soldier Lieutenant(Bruce Willis) and his men are in mission to rescue Dr. Lena(Monica Bellucci) who is an American citizen by marriage and is now looking after African sick people. But she does not want to go alone by leaving her people, patients. Remember that time was during the civil war, soldiers are killing each other and that war was so cruel because the African soldiers kill their tribe include all their innocent civilians. And the American soldiers, Lieutenant and his men are forced alternative choice between their duty and thier humanity by Dr. Lena and the African. As we know, usually war movies have high quality of actions and scenes and this ovie, I can say that great movie because it represents well the dangous war tensions and emotions and also it is thrill. On the other hand, this is an America movie and I can see that the movie impies pretty strongly supermacy of the country and Africa thanks to them. Otherwise, it was satisfied.